Our Work

We're a small studio with a big impact. We swim in the waters of visual content and have a field day bringing other people's stories to life. From hospitality to food & beverage to real estate and beyond, we bring a clean slate of ideas to each project and we don't stop until you are blown away.

Hospitality & Architecture

Hospitality photography is as much about creating
an emotion as it is capturing the space. Whether shooting a
commercial lifestyle shoot or a stunning architectural layout, we create a visual portal, which allows people to imagine themselves there.

Food & Beverage

It's simple actually; we treat food as the chef intended it to be experienced. Food photography should invite and tantalize--complimenting the ingredients in their purest form while elevating the craftsmen that brings it all together. 


It's our goal to extract every ounce of personality from the
subjects we photograph. We firmly believe that you can't
force a photo. Comfort and truth speak to people and we
approach each shoot with that in the foreground of our lens.

Aaron & Jon.

PIXELLAB is a full-service photography firm specializing in hospitality, architecture and food & beverage photography. Culling from our experience as photographers and designers, we create emotionally meaningful images that allow your brand to grow beyond traditional visual perspectives and make lasting connections with customers. 


Much love,



Our Team

Aaron Lyles
Co-Founder/ Photographer

Jon Smedley
Co-Founder/ Photographer

PJ McMullan
Still Photography Editor

Rob Torres
Video Editor

Brian Jouan
Motion Graphics Designer

For quotes and INquiries contact us at info@pixellab.us

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